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Sunrider Supports Relief Efforts for the Victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria
Sunrider organizes a fundraising drive to aid victims of two catastrophic hurricanes.    more>>
Sunriders Unite to Raise Funds for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
A Sunrider-led fundraising campaign raises $42,200 to aid victims of the devastating hurricane.    more>>
Sunrider Participates in ‘MRCA Up Close & Personal with the Media 2017’ Event
Sunrider plays a prominent role in a significant media appreciation event held in Kuala Lumpur.    more>>
2017 Sunrider Grand Convention “35 Years of Changing Lives”
Sunriders from around the world come together for an amazing week of camaraderie, learning, inspiration,and celebration.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Participates in Malaysia’s Largest Retail Exhibit Fair
Sunrider plays an active role at the Malaysia International, Retail, Franchise & Licensing Fair 2017, which attracted over 20,000 visitors.    more>>
Sunrider Singapore Recognized for Manufacturing Excellence
A Certificate of Commendation marks the 17th consecutive year Sunrider Singapore’s manufacturing facility has earned “Grade A” Status.    more>>
USC Pacific Asia Museum Honors Drs. Tei-Fu Chen and Oi-Lin Chen
Dr. Tei-Fu and Dr. Oi-Lin Chen are honored at a special gala for their promotion and support of Asian art and culture.    more>>
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree at Kaohsiung Medical University
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen returns to his alma mater to receive a special honor.    more>>
Sunrider Philanthropy at Work: PERC Leads Research to Benefit Children
A pediatric exercise research department at the UC Irvine School of Medicine, which Sunrider helped start with its donation of $1.75 million, plays a key role in a national study on how physical activity benefits child health.    more>>
Special Meetings in London and Zurich with Dr. Chen
Sunrider founder, Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, travels to Europe to provide knowledge targeted to help IBOs grow their business.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Supports MRCA Charity Run 2016
Sunrider plays an active role at a charity event as a co-sponsor and by participating in the run.    more>>
Dr. Chen Special Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
Dr. Chen’s presentation about products creates excitement among attendees at a special meeting in Hungary.    more>>
Sunrider Supports Exercise-as-Medicine Initiative for Children
Sunrider and the Chen family are recognized for their support of an initiative aimed to reshape how children benefit from the health effects of exercise.    more>>
Dr. Chen Conducts Training in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines
The founder of Sunrider travels to Southeast Asia to deliver business-building tips first-hand to IBOs and prospects.    more>>
Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Recognized for Safety Excellence
A Certificate of Commendation marks the 16th consecutive year Sunrider Singapore’s manufacturing facility has earned “Grade A” Status.    more>>
2016 Grand Convention—Innovate with Sunrider
Sunrider ABOs and IBOs enjoy a week of learning, camaraderie, and inspiration at Sunrider’s annual Grand Convention.    more>>
Sunrider’s Laundry Detergent Wins a Best Product Award
Sunrider’s eco-friendly detergent shines at awards event    more>>
Sunrider Participates in Large Health and Wellness Expo for Women
Sunrider promotes its products and opportunity at the Mundella EveryWoman Expo.    more>>
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Conducts Special Training in Hong Kong
The founder and chairman of Sunrider shares his business-building expertise with ambitious IBOs.    more>>
Sunrider Opens New Office in Vietnam
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen helps Sunrider Vietnam celebrate the grand opening of its new office in Ho Chi Minh City.    more>>
Drs. Chen Hold Special Meeting in Hong Kong
Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen travel to Hong Kong to conduct a special meeting for IBOs and their prospects.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Participates in Malaysia’s Largest Retail Exhibit Fair
Sunrider is an active participant in the biggest showcase of retail exhibitors that Malaysia has ever seen.    more>>
Sunrider Donates $1.75 Million to Support Childhood Exercise Training for Physicians and Educators
A monetary gift from Sunrider supports an initiative aimed to help children benefit from the health effects of exercise in their youth and throughout their lives.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Co-Sponsors MRCA Charity Run 2015
Sunrider plays an active role in charity event as a sponsor.    more>>
Sunrider Singapore Recognized for Manufacturing Excellence
Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd earns the AVA Gold Award for achieving Grade ‘A’ status for 15 consecutive years.    more>>
Sunrider Indonesia Purchases New Office Building in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sunrider’s new office building in Jakarta is testimony to the company’s commitment to continued growth and the success of its IBOs.    more>>
Sunrider Featured in Special Business Edition of High-Profile Publication
The proud past, enterprising spirit, and bold vision of Sunrider International is documented in a special feature published by a leading Hong Kong newspaper.    more>>
Dr. Chen and Dr. Reuben K. Chen, MD announce the Sunrider Leadership Challenge at the IBO Grand Convention
With the new Leadership Challenge, Sunrider IBOs can develop their Sunrider businesses and earn an incredible prize package up to $30,000!    more>>
2015 IBO Grand Convention—Ignite Success with Sunrider
The biggest IBO event of the year is held on the Big Island of Hawaii and delivers a perfect mix of business and pleasure.    more>>
Sunrider Sponsors Taiwan Eelin Model & Talent Search LA Event
Sunrider is a main sponsor of the Eilin Model & Talent Search LA Event.    more>>
Sunriders Unite to Raise US$100,000 for Nepal Disaster Relief
Sunrider International matches funds donated from Sunriders worldwide to benefit victims of the Nepal earthquake.    more>>
Happy Birthday, Dr. Chen!
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen celebrates his special day at his new hotel with family, friends, and Sunriders from around the world.    more>>
SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Purchased by the Chen Family
The Chen family acquires a hotel perfectly positioned at the crossroads of Beverly Hills luxury and Los Angeles style.    more>>
Sunrider’s John Teng Dances (and Wins!) for Charity
Sunrider is represented at a dance contest benefiting nonprofit organizations.    more>>
Sunrider Supports Rex Lee Run for a Cure
Sunrider plays as active and supportive role for an event benefiting cancer research.    more>>
2014 SunFit® Challenge Winner
Much more than a contest, the SunFit® Challenge has been a life-changing experience for the grand prize winner, Roselyn Journeaux.    more>>
St. Ermin’s Hotel Purchased by the Chen Family
A historic hotel located in central London is purchased by the Tei-Fu & Oi-Lin Chen family.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Supports MRCA Charity Run 2014
Co-sponsor Sunrider plays an active role in charity event.    more>>
Sunrider Wins SMEs Asia Award 2014/2015
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen is on hand to receive a prestigious industry award in Singapore.    more>>
Sunrider Employees Participate in SunFit® Program Training
SunFit® Program developer, Reuben Chen, MD, leads Sunrider staff through his revolutionary fitness and health program.    more>>
Sunrider Supports Event Benefiting Pediatric Therapy Network
Sunrider is a proud sponsor of an event that benefits a nonprofit organization providing services for children with special needs.    more>>
Sunrider Supports Mentors International Fundraiser
Sunrider is a sponsor of Mentors International’s largest fundraiser of the year.    more>>
Sunrider Sponsors AIDS Walk Los Angeles
Sunrider is a proud sponsor of the 2014 AIDS WALK Los Angeles fundraising event.    more>>
Sunrider Hosts an Amazing Evening of Art, Music, and Culture
A fabulous special event held at Sunrider World Headquarters showcases the newest addition to the Chen Art Gallery.    more>>
Sunrider and Future Stars Shine at ETTV Top Idol Event
Sunrider is the title sponsor of a prominent talent search competition.    more>>
Everyone Wins at Charity Basketball Game Sponsored by Sunrider!
Sunrider teams up with Pediatric Therapy Network for Basketball Game Benefiting Children with Special Needs.    more>>
2014 Sunrider ABO Grand Convention—Rejuvenate with Sunrider
Sunrider ABOs travel far and wide to the beautiful island of Oahu and sunny California to rejuvenate and revitalize Sunrider style.    more>>
2014 Sunrider IBO Grand Convention—Rejuvenate with Sunrider
The ultimate Sunrider event of the year delivers an amazing program while unveiling an exciting array of new programs and developments.    more>>
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Featured in a Special Publication of Outstanding Entrepreneurs
Dr. Chen is among a select group of business leaders honored in Malaysia for their exceptional achievements in the corporate world.    more>>
Sunrider Japan Opens New Company Store
Sunrider’s global expansion continues with the opening of a new company store in Tokyo, Japan.    more>>
Drs. Chen and Family Honored by Chinese-American Healthcare Organization
Drs. Chen and family members are guests of honor at a special anniversary event.    more>>
Drs. Tei Fu & Oi-Lin Chen Recognized for Leadership and Service to the Community
The founders of Sunrider International are honored at an event celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce.    more>>
Sunrider International Spotlighted in Direct Selling News
An article in a leading network marketing publication illuminates on the past, present, and future direction of Sunrider International.    more>>
Dr. Oi-Lin Chen Named One of the Most Influential Women in Direct Selling
The president of Sunrider International is featured in the cover story of a leading direct selling publication.    more>>
Sunrider Malaysia Opens New Company Store
Sunrider Malaysia’s third company-owned store opens in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.    more>>
Dr. Chen Holds Special IBO Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia
Sunriders in Indonesia attend a meeting conducted by Dr. Chen to learn about his streamlined approach to sharing the Sunrider business opportunity.    more>>
Dr. Chen Holds Special IBO Meetings in Bangkok, Thailand
The founder and chairman of Sunrider International travels to Bangkok, Thailand, to share his business-building knowledge first-hand.    more>>
Dr. Chen Holds Special IBO Meetings in the Philippines
Dr. Chen travels to the Philippines to share his expertise with IBOs and prospects about how to take advantage of the powerful Sunrider business opportunity to transform their lives.    more>>
Sunrider Support Helps Hispanic Students Pursue Higher Education
Sunrider supports fundraiser to benefit high school and college students.    more>>
Sunrider Takes the Stage
Sunrider is represented at a dance contest benefiting nonprofit organizations.    more>>
The Chen Family Featured in Pulse Magazine
The children of Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen, who represent the next generation of Sunrider leadership, are featured in an enlightening article.    more>>
Sunrider Recognized for Supporting Role with the Red Cross
Sunrider receives an appreciation plaque for its company-led fundraising campaign to benefit the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.    more>>
Sunrider Shows Star Appeal during the Sundance Film Festival
Sunrider showcases its products and takes part in annual event attended by entertainment industry luminaries.    more>>
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen Featured in Peninsula People
Dr. Chen is featured as the cover story in Peninsula People magazine.    more>>
Sunrider Hosts Holiday Luncheon for Women of the Diplomatic Corps
Over 60 countries are represented at an event hosted at Sunrider World Headquarters.    more>>
Sunrider Supports Teletón USA Foundation with Fundraising Event
Sunrider supports efforts to construct a children’s rehabilitation center in Texas.    more>>
Sunrider Partners with Torrance Memorial Medical Center in Expansion Project
The construction of a new Main Tower will feature the Drs. Oi-Lin and Tei-Fu Chen Surgical Center.    more>>
Sunriders Unite to Support Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts
Sunrider International matches funds donated from Sunriders worldwide to benefit victims of Typhoon Haiyan.    more>>
Sunrider Serves as Host Site for Cancer Prevention Study
Sunrider employees participate in cancer prevention study conducted by the American Cancer Society.    more>>
Sunrider Launches Special New Skin Care Products in Korea
Dr. Chen® Youth Emulsion and Dr. Chen® Youth Masque are now available in Korea.    more>>
Sunrider Featured in Elite Publication Recognizing Malaysia’s Leading Brands and Retail Chains
Drs. Chen and Sunrider are featured in a book showcasing the 52 leading brands and retailers in Malaysia.    more>>
Sunrider Singapore Wins ‘Franchisor of the Year Award 2013’
Sunrider earns a prestigious industry award for franchise business excellence.    more>>
Hygiene Is the Key to Staying Healthy
An article about how Sunrider® products can support healthy hygiene practices appears in several Korean news outlets.    more>>
ABO Grand Convention Cruise—“Transform Your Life”
Sunrider ABOs travel to dream destinations and bolster business skills during a fabulous convention cruise.    more>>
SunLiving Health & Wellness Voted a South Bay Favorite
SunLiving Health & Wellness is voted one of the South Bay's favorite Weight-loss and Diet Centers.    more>>
Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Earns Food Safety Award
A prestigious industry award adds distinction to the proud record of Sunrider Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd.    more>>
IBO Grand Convention Cruise—“Transform Your Life”
Sunrider IBOs journey to exotic ports of call, sharpen business-building skills, and share good times during this fabulous convention cruise.    more>>
Sunrider® Products Now Available in Shinsegae Department Stores
A prominent department store chain in South Korea now offers Sunrider® products in many of its stores.    more>>
Sunrider Opens New Office in Turkey
A populous cosmopolitan district of Istanbul is home to Sunrider’s first office in Turkey.    more>>
Sunrider Israel Opens Second Flagship Store
Drs. Tei-Fu and Oi-Lin Chen travel to Israel to help celebrate the grand opening of a stunning new flagship store.    more>>
Sunrider Celebrates the Marriage of Kaisarine Su and Eric Chen
Sunrider offices around the world join in the wedding celebration.    more>>
SunLiving Health & Wellness Voted Among the Best
Dr. Reuben Chen’s new clinic voted runner-up in two categories in annual local contest.    more>>
Grand Opening of SunLiving Health & Wellness
SunLiving Health & Wellness celebrates its grand opening with two days of events.    more>>
Sunrider China Earns "A" Grade Taxpayer Certificate
Sunrider China is recognized with prestigious taxpayer rating.    more>>
Olympians and Sunrider Make a Winning Team
Sunrider recently had the opportunity to interview two elite athletes from South Korea who shined brightly during the 2012 London Olympic Games, winning medals in their respective sports of taekwondo and boxing. In this exclusive interview, both Olympians share some of their Olympic experiences and discuss the the important role Sunrider® products played in their training, weight management, and athletic performance.    more>>
Sunrider Supports AIDS Walk Los Angeles
Sunrider is a proud sponsor of the 2012 AIDS WALK Los Angeles fundraising event.    more>>
Dr. Oi-Lin Chen Named One of the Most Influential Women in Direct Selling
The president of Sunrider International is featured in the cover story of a leading direct selling publication.    more>>
Grand Opening of Sunrider Malaysia Company Store & Café
Sunrider Malaysia inaugurates its unique new store with ribbon-cutting event.   more>>
30th Anniversary Grand Convention—Just the Beginning
The defining Sunrider event of the decade celebrates the company’s vibrant history and serves as a springboard to an even brighter future.   more>>
Sunrider Shines at BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards Event
Sunrider and Dr. Chen are recognized for branding excellence at an event organized by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation.    more>>

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